20 September 2008:
.. Have added lots of more Blake's 7 fics. The list is now up to twenty-one stories, though I've written more in the fandom. I just forget to update this site. I run the Blake's 7 fanfiction archive now, which makes this site slightly redundant. Ah well. I don't mind HTMLing up my longer stories, or the ones I'm proud of. Silly drabbles and ficlets might not make it up here, though.

20 February 2008:
.. Haven't updated in a long while. I get so lazy at times. Anyway, though I have some Doctor Who fic to still add here, I've added a new section for a new fandom I'm in: Blake's 7! It comes ready-made with 12 fics and ficlets already in it! Hopefully I will remember to update this site more often.

14 June 2007:
.. Added a new section for Doctor Who RPS fic, and put up two Patrick/Frazer fics: The Lair and Monday.

28 April 2007:
.. Added Winterlude to the Doctor Who section, a fun carnival piece, featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly.

19 April 2007:
.. Added two stories to the Doctor Who side of things. Missing Pieces, a bittersweet Season 6B Jamie/Victoria piece, as well as Observation Interference, a Leela-centric piece I wrote for a ficathon, featuring Fourth Doctor/Leela, Leela/Jo Grant and implied unrequired Doctor/Jo Grant, ha.

1 March 2007:
.. Added four stories to the website: Back Home a six-part Tegan/Turlough miniepic, In the Time He Had, a Third Doctor gen fic, Bad Judgment a Second Doctor gen Death fic AU, and It's All the Same Thing, a Brigadier/Benton slash fic.

8 January 2007:
.. Posted Sweet Goodbye, a Ben/Jamie Doctor Who fic. Am working on a Second Doctor Mirrorverse fic, though it's currently stalled. Have some drabbles I still may put up, but possibly not, for I am lazy.

10 October 2006:
.. Posted 1999 and Brighton in February to the Doctor Who sections. Still working on everything else.

9 October 2006:
.. Posted
Obsessions to the Doctor Who section. Plan to post a few very short Doctor Who drabbles up soon, perhaps on a new drabble/ficlet page for stories under 1,000 words.

9 September 2006:
.. Posted It's About Choices to the Doctor Who section. Wrote a very short "Fourth Doctor and Martha Jones" fic, as well, but will post it later.

5 September 2006:
.. Posted Figuring It Out to the Doctor Who section.

11 August 2006:
.. Posted Luna Sea and Discipline over on the Doctor Who page.

31 July 2006:
.. Posted parts one through four of the first part of "Arc of Discovery", a triology I'm working on. Also posted a short one-part Doctor/Master story I wrote for a friend. Both are Doctor Who stories.

5 July 2006:
.. Posted chapter two of the Doctor Who story Illumined Consciousness.

1 July 2006:
.. Posted chapter one of a new Doctor/Turlough story to the Doctor Who section.

23 June 2006:
.. Added one new story to the Doctor Who section. Added banners to Changing of the Guard, Shelter From the Storm and Beware of Darkness.

22 June 2006:
.. Changed the main page layout and added neat banners to the Firefly stories And In the End,Trust Love and Took the Sky, all made by my friend Loketari.

18 June 2006:
.. Added all three chapters of a new Fifth Doctor/Adric fic to the Doctor Who section.

17 June 2006:
.. Added a Fourth Doctor/Adric fic to the Doctor Who section.

27 May 2006:
.. Added the first two chapters of a Nine/Ten Doctor Who fic.

26 April 2006:
.. Added five new drabbles to the Doctor Who section.

18 April 2006:
.. Added a new fiction category for Life On Mars fics, and posted one drabble there. Also added a new drabble to the Doctor Who category, and a (Laura/Dualla) story to the Battlestar Galactica category. :)

15 April 2006:
.. Added chapters 2 - 4 of A Simple Twist of Fate (River/Wash) to the Firefly/Serenity section, along with a short Wash/Mr. Universe story.

8 March 2006:
.. Added eight drabbles to the Firefly section, as well as chapter one of "A Simple Twist of Fate", part of an epic (River/Wash) I am co-writing with my friend Sophie.

6 March 2006:
.. Site was created and five sections were opened: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Firefly/Serenity, Firefly RPS, and Lord of the Rings. Some fics currently just link to LiveJournal, but will eventually be housed here. The layout is very ugly and simple, and will be embellished later, if I'm inspired.

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