Title: Unmentionables
Date Posted: 7 March 2006
Author: Van Donovan
Rating: R
Characters: Kaylee, Wash, Jayne
Pairing: implied Jayne/Kaylee
Word count: 566
Warnings: Spoilers through the TV series. Loosely set between Objects and Space and the movie, potentially set before Firefly ~ the virtual season two episode 2x03 "Flying Blind"
Summary: Kaylee goes lingerie shopping.
Notes: Written to fill a requested Jayne/Kaylee with the prompts: a lingerie store, and a straw hat.


Jayne ran into Wash and Kaylee just as they were about to enter a gaudy looking establishment with a sign hanging over the door that identified it as Mademoiselle Lola’s Intimate Apparels. The sight of them going into a lingerie store together was strange enough to garner a comment from him: “Now, ain’t that just a sight seein’ you two out all girly clothes shoppin’ together.”

Kaylee brightened spying him. “Hey, Jayne!”

Wash rocked back on his heels, pleased. “Some of us actually have steady lovers whom we like to lavish with gifts to look nice in bed for us,” he chided. “Ones we don’t even have to pay.”

Jayne ignored Wash. “You gettin’ more jammies?” he asked Kaylee.

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yup. Wash’s buying me a new camisole t’replace that one got all mucked up.”

“Hey, you were the one that did the mucking. All I did was set the muck up. God knows why you were even wearing such unmentionables to bed in the first place,” Wash replied.

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a girl wantin’ t’go t’bed feelin’ pretty,” Jayne said. “Think she ought t’wear ‘em ‘round the ship more often.”

Kaylee smiled sweetly up at him. “Why thanks, Jayne!”

Wash blanched. “Look, since you two lovebirds are both much in the agreement of lingerie shopping for Kaylee, why don’t you buy the lingerie together? I’ve got other things I can be spending my time buying. Like,” he looked around, frantically, and spied a little old man, “laxatives and,” he glanced at the man again, “straw hats and . . . and probably dentures.”

Jayne followed Wash’s gaze, then shrugged. “I ain’t complainin’.”

“Great!” Wash shelled out a few notes of currency, pressing them into Kaylee’s hands. “You kids have fun together. I’ll see you back on the ship!” He hurried off.

When Kaylee turned to face the shop, Jayne counted her money over her shoulder. “Wonder what color camisole I should buy?” she pondered aloud as she entered the store.

“See-through kind is my favorite.”

Kaylee laughed, looking up at him affectionately. “Y’know y’ain’t ever gonna see me in whatever I buy, right?”

Jayne grinned at her, nudging into her with his shoulder. “That’s what y’said ‘bout th’last one, too.”

Kaylee shook her head mirthfully. “Well, short of a fire breakin’ out in th’engine ‘round th’middle of th’night, you really ain’t gonna see this one.”

Jayne’s grin brightened. “I could arrange that.”

Kaylee gave him a mock scowl. “I’ll mess up one o’your guns.”

“Hell, that’s like foreplay.”

Kaylee giggled, pawing through some of the silky garments while the shop owner stared daggers at the plain pair. “Tell y’what, Jayne: y’buy me somethin’ in here that I ‘pprove of, and I’ll wear it for you.”

“That’s a deal!” he replied, turning to head toward the fetish wear.

Kaylee grabbed him by the belt loop, hauling him back. “Down boy,” she teased, spinning him toward the more modest apparel. “Don’t press your luck jus’ yet. ‘Sides, if it’s all showin’ t’begin with, there ain’t no more surprise when it finally comes off, is there?”

Jayne drew up short at that, looking at Kaylee with renewed interest. She just grinned sensuously at him before brushing past him to look through more nighties.

A wide, goofy grin spread across Jayne’s face as he hitched up his pants and stalked after her.

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