Title: Perfect Blue Sky
Date Posted: 31 January 2006
Author: Van Donovan
Rating: R
Characters: Nathan, Alan
Pairing: Alan/Nathan
Word count: 1,006
Warnings: Real person slash.
Summary: Nathan admires Alan. Alan teases Nathan.
Notes: This never happened. I don't know Alan or Nathan, and I make no claims as to their sexuality. It's just fictionalized fun, and no harm or libel is intended. :)


Alan was a fish.

That was the only way Nathan could think of describing him. He was a perfect, pearl-and-alabaster colored fish. Alan glided through the water effortlessly, his long, sinewy arms taking the breaststrokes with ease. The Californian summer sun blazed down upon Nathan’s patio and made his eyes water, which in turn just brightened his entire view. Alan was oblivious to the way the sun rippling off his water-slicked skin made it sparkle like he’d been doused with iridescent glitter. Even wet, his strawberry blond hair glowed in the light.

He was a perfect, beautiful fish, and Nathan couldn’t keep his eyes off him.

“You’re going to burn those!” Alan helpfully called to him.

Nathan quickly looked down at the grill he was manning. They were having a barbeque party for themselves, and a few friends, and he was in charge of providing the hamburgers. One had caught on fire during his revelry. “Oh, shit!” he cursed and quickly turned the heat off. Using his spatula, he scrapped the patty off the grill, effectively dousing the flames.

While he set the burnt patty onto a tray, Alan got out of the pool, toweling off. The other patties were safe from the fire by the time Alan made his way over. “Damage report?” he asked casually as he leaned his wet frame into Nathan.

There had been numbers in Nathan’s head, but they ceased making sense as Alan’s skin pressed wet kisses against his clothes. He cleared his throat, as if that would somehow redirect his blood to where it was supposed to be going. “One casualty,” he finally answered. He spared a look to the man beside him and knew he shouldn’t have. Swim trunks weren’t good enough to hide his apparent delight in Alan’s apparel, or lack thereof. “It’s your fault,” he added, sullenly.

Alan gave him a beautiful smile. “You were the one that insisted on cooking. You could have been swimming, with me. In the pool.”

Nathan fidgeted with the spatula to keep himself from grabbing Alan and pushing him up against the grill. They didn’t have time for a romp before the guests arrived. “You know I don’t swim,” he managed to say.

Alan stepped back and scrutinized him carefully, studying his tenting swim trunks and t-shirt. He shook his head, disappointed. “But you have a pool,” he countered. “You could at least stand in the water with me.”

Nathan laughed. “What, and miss the view?” He set the spatula down.

Cocking a hip, Alan stared Nathan down. “You think the view is only nice from up here? You don’t want to get up close and personal?”

Nathan chuckled, nervously. “’Course I do. You know I do.” He reached out with one hand and tucked his fingers into the top of Alan’s waistband and pulled him closer.

Alan’s mouth curved into a seductive smile. “Aren’t we expecting guests any minute now?” he inquired slyly. He was wearing his teasing face.

Nathan’s fingers had found that too-perfect marble skin and couldn’t stop touching. He ran his hands over Alan’s slick torso, curling his fingers through the fuzzy damp chest hair he found there. His palms pressed flat against Alan’s shoulders, curving along their breadth as he pulled him closer. “Guess they might get a bit of a show before dinner.”

Alan’s voice was short and breathy when he replied. “We could go inside,” he suggested. Despite his words, he did not move away. His hands just rose to tug at the hem of Nathan’s t-shirt until the cool flesh beneath was exposed to his fingertips.

Nathan hissed lightly at the feeling of wet hands on his skin. “Got burgers,” he attempted. “Not done cooking.” His eyes fluttered closed, casting a latticework of eyelash shadows down his cheeks.

Alan pressed into him and captured his mouth. The kiss was deep and heated, accompanied by a full finger ensemble. When they parted, Nathan swayed and Alan had to steady him with a hand on his hip. “Inside?” he suggested, again.

Looking forlornly at the food, Nathan let out a faint whimper. “But…”

Alan’s other hand tugged Nathan’s chin to stare at him. “You’re not going to be able to hide that from anyone,” he pointed out, gesturing downward with his hand.

Nathan raised his chin up and stared at the perfect blue sky overhead, fighting down the mild embarrassment that rose to display on his cheeks. “You’re wicked,” he moaned. When he looked back to Alan, he was met with piercing crystal blue eyes. In that moment, he knew he had no choice but to obey. His hands tightened on Alan’s shoulder again. His thumb found a water droplet on Alan’s neck and smeared it in, caressing the dip in Alan’s throat with it, tenderly. “Can’t resist,” he throatily conceded.

Nathan bent quickly and placed his mouth over the wet spot on his neck and sucked it dry with his tongue. He lapped once more at the dip and then pulled back, intoxicated by the action, and the taste.

Alan’s smile turned more devious. “You’re so predictable.” He stepped back from Nathan, taking his hand in one of his own. He led him back toward the sliding glass doors that adjoined to Nathan’s living room.

“That’s why you love me though,” Nathan thickly stated.

Alan slid the door open before turning to look at Nathan. He thought about the statement for several seconds and then pushed Nathan inside. “That isn’t true. I love you because you’re very good at what you do. The predictability is just a bonus.”

Inside the cool shade of his living room, Nathan sprang to life. His grin turned feral and he tugged Alan by the wrist until he got him off center. Then he spun him around and deposited him onto his couch. Within a matter of seconds he was upon him, hands and lips working all at once. After Alan’s surprised laughter had faded, Nathan panted into his ear, “I still have some surprises up my sleeves.”

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