20 September 2008:
.. I have occasionally updated this site without reflecting it on the updates page. Mostly just uploading various Blake's 7 fanfic. I've got 21 stories up there now, and many more written, just not HTMLed. I recently finished my fic "epic" in the fandom, Something Yet to Learn. It's approximately 44,000 words and Tarrant/Vila, Vila/Avon. Sort of. I've also finished a 14k Vila/Avon PGP that is being betaed. I'll put it up later.

20 February 2008:
.. Mirrorverse is long since done and posted. I just haven't gotten around to coding it up here. You can read it here though, and I may simply link to the LJ page in the mean time. I've written a handful of other Doctor Who fics since then, as well as finished up "A Simple Twist of Fate" which also hasn't been coded up here, but can be read in full here. I've moved to a new fandom now, called Blake's 7 and am determined to produce a lot of Avon/Vila fic in it. Right now, I'm currently working on a post-Terminal fic that will probably be relatively short, though it is kicking my ass.

Although I don't update this site very often, almost all of my fic is archived here, including some pieces that I will likely never code up here, including a recent Sam/Al "Quantum Leap" piece and a Picard/Q "Star Trek: The Next Generation" piece.

My email address has also changed, but most of the fic feedback does not reflect this. My new address is van.donovan AT gmail DOT com. Mail sent to the crackboxpalace address will not be recieved.

14 June 2007:
.. I have finished the Mirrorverse fic, and it has been sent off for it's first round of betaing. I'm having three different people look at it, so I imagine it'll take a while yet to get the edits back and apply them. As of now, it ended up at twenty chapters, with an epilogue, and is roughly 87,700 words. @_@;; I imagine that number will go down slightly as it's editted, but it's still much, much, much longer than I anticipated. Have also finished the sequel to my Patrick Troughton/Frazer Hines RPS, which I'm still debating on how to post here.

19 April 2007:
.. Am still working on the Mirrorverse fic. It is about 54,000 words now, and still growing, although the end is finally in sight. I'll guestimate 75,000 . . . if it goes over that, I'll weep. But, we'll see. Am currently working on a surprisingly lengthy dwliterotica piece, featuring Two/Jamie and Ben/Polly . . . I'm hoping it'll hit about 10,000. I also have a Patrick Troughton/Frazer Hines RPS fic in the works, which is actually a sequel to a fic about them I wrote, but have not yet posted here.

1 March 2007:
.. Have been working slowly but steadily on my Mirrorverse fic. I've taken several breaks from it, one to write that Turlough/Owen drabble into a proper fic (that ended up Turlough/Tegan and about 14,000 words), as well as several ficathon pieces. The Mirrorverse fic is currently at 34,000 words, well over where I was predicting it'd stop, but it shows no signs of slowing. I now predict it'll be some 60,000 words, but we'll see.

7 January 2007:
.. Have had a bit of a stall in fic writing. I've written a few things, mostly drabbles and ficlets, none of which I've posted here. Have posted Sweet Goodbye, however, and have about 17,000 words on a Second Doctor Mirrorverse fic written. Once I plot it out, I hope for it to write quickly. I don't forsee it going over 30,000 words. Also am debating on expanding a Turlough/Owen drabble I wrote, to incoporate Turlough/Tegan, as well. We'll see. Did write an Azumanga Daioh fic, as well as an Indiana Jones ficlet for Yuletide, but I'm uncertain as to whether or not I'll post them here. I might make a miscellaneous section.

10 October 2006:
.. Added two stories I wrote a while ago and hadn't gotten to adding, 1999 a Ben/Jamie Doctor Who story, and Brighton In February, a Four and Martha Doctor Who story. Enjoy.

9 October 2006:
.. Unexpectedly wrote a mini-epic Second Doctor/Jamie crackfic story, Obsessions, which clocked in over 23,000 words. (Ironically it's different than the Two/Jamie semi-epic I mentioned plotting in September.) Plan to put up some Doctor Who drabble/ficlets I've been doing lately, perhaps in a new drabble/ficlet section for stories under 1,000 words. I don't like all of them, but I am proud of some. Am still working on other stories, as well.

9 September 2006:
.. Posted my Tegan/Turlough fic, which came in around 8,700 words. :) Still working on everything else, including plotting a Two/Jamie semi-epic.

5 September 2006:
.. Am currently working on a Turlough/Tegan fic, which is about 7,000 words, at present. Still working on my Four/Adric triology, and have a Five/Adric piece I'm semi-co-writing with my friend Elanor. Am planning to write a semi-epic Two/Jamie, soon.

11 August 2006:
.. Been working on a few Doctor Who fics. Am in the middle of a Four/Adric triology, and am producing smaller one shot fics too, like mad. :D

1 July 2006:
.. Started a new Doctor/Turlough fic. It's currently about 6,000 words and expected to grow. Am also working on a slightly gen Four/Adric piece, not sure where it's going yet, but it's about 1,600 words. We'll see.

23 June 2006:
.. Finished the Fourth Doctor/Adric fic, and it's only about 7,400 words, heh. Yay!

22 June 2006:
.. Am about 7,000 words into a Fourth Doctor/Adric fic that I'm writing for an LJ kink-a-thon challenge. I imagine it'll cap somewhere between 9 and 10,000 words, but we'll see. Due by the 1st, so I imagine it'll be done soon.

18 June 2006:
.. Finished my lengthy Fifth Doctor/Adric fic. It capped at 16,600+. Ha!

17 June 2006:
.. working on a lengthy Fifth Doctor/Adric fic. Currently about 7,000 words and expected to rise. Not sure how long it will go, but I don't estimate more than 12,000 words.

15 April 2006:
.. Finished the second length River/Wash story with Sophie. It capped out at about 75,000 words, though I imagine after edits it will be a bit shorter. I'm also half-way through a Wash/Inara piece, that is currently at about 7,000 words; I hope it finishes up around 10,000. I'm also writing on a Zoe/Wash piece for a Zoe/Wash ficathon, and then I hope to start a mini-epic that will largely be Wash/Simon, but we'll see. :) Finished my Femslash story -- it's Battlestar Galactica and I should post it up here soon.

6 March 2006:
.. Currently I'm working on several lengthy stories. I wrote a 22,000 word Firefly/Serenity Wash/River piece with Sophie Richard that is finished, waiting to be betaed. She and I are currently writing an Alternate Universe Wash/River piece set during River's time at the academy. It's currently at 35,000 words and is approximately half finished. I've got Zoe/Wash, Washslash and a Femslash stories to be writing, too, all due in April.

I'm also very busy with writing/producing for Firefly ~ the virtual season two.

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