Title: Distrust
Date Posted: 18 April 2006
Author: Van Donovan
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam, Ray, Gene, Annie, Chris
Pairings: none
Word count: 678
Warnings: Spoilers through the entire TV series. It's also a bit dark. Written for Versaphile, who requested Sam involving distrust.


It was Ray, and Sam turned to glare over his shoulder at him. “What?”

Ray wore a smug look on his face, one Sam hadn’t seen much since Ray’s very public demotion. “You got a guest,” he answered. “Waiting in the lobby for you.”

Sam got to his feet, curious about why Ray was the one delivering this bit of news. A quick glance around the room proved he was alone. That was unusual for a mid-day shift. Usually at least someone else was sulking about at their desk, doing work. He grabbed his coat off the back of his chair and slipped it on.

Ray held the door open for him, grinning as Sam walked past him, through it. “Some pretty important people, looks like.”

Sam ignored him, but the hair along the back of his neck stood up in alarm. There was a tension in the air that unsettled him. He buttoned his coat as he walked to the front of the station.

There he found Gene, Chris and Annie waiting for him. All three had forlorn expressions on their faces. Annie seemed the most crestfallen, while Gene seemed grim faced and determined. “What’s going on?” Sam asked.

Annie approached him quickly. “I’m so sorry, Sam,” she said, her voice breaking. “I didn’t think they’d take it so serious.”

Gene drew himself up to his full height. “Didn’t peg you for being a nutter, Tyler.”

Sam’s brows furrowed. “I don’t understand.”

Chris looked apologetic. “I’ll be sure to write you, boss.”

“Annie?” Sam questioned, returning to her. “What’s this all about?”

There were tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Sam. It was after the bit with Vic Tyler. It just slipped. I didn’t mean to say so much.”

Gene glared over Sam’s head, his eyes directed upon Ray. “Seems like our Detective Constable here has been spreading rumors ‘bout your time back in Hyde.”

“Rumors?” Sam shook his head. “What rumors?”

“Vic Tyler’s your dad, eh?” Ray prompted. “That bird back at the flats is your mum? The plonk said you think you’re from the future. Fits with what I’ve seen, you freakin’ out in the bathroom.” Ray grinned. “You aren’t right in the head.”

Annie interjected herself between the two men. Her tears were falling freely. “I was worried about you Sam, really worried. I thought the Gov could help. I just meant to get you some help, that’s all.”

“Got him some help, all right,” Gene said, crossing his arms. “Big green job full of help out there.”

Phyllis opened the doors to the station, reluctantly letting in two men dressed in white. Between them, they carried a straightjacket. She gave Sam a sad look. “That’s him, gentlemen,” she said, inclining her head toward Sam.

Ray stepped forward, clapping a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “I hear they allow the crazies visitors on Sundays. Maybe your mum and dad will visit.”

Sam shrugged harshly, knocking Ray’s hand off his shoulder. “I’m not crazy!” he snarled, shoving Ray back.

The two orderlies immediately broke into a run, grabbed Sam to detain him from striking out against anyone. “Please settle down Mr. Tyler,” one of the men said.

Sam wrestled against them. “I’m not crazy!” he repeated. He winced as one of his arms was twisted, then shoved into the arms of the straightjacket. His eyes fell upon Annie. “I trusted you!” he cried.

She was sobbing and Chris was doing his best to console her. “I’m so sorry, Sam,” she choked out.

The orderlies spun him around, tying off the jacket’s arms behind him. Annie swam out of his vision and was replaced with the stone-faced Gene. “Gov, you can’t let them do this to me.”

Gene shook his head, looking disgusted. “It’s not what I’d have chosen,” he admitted, then grudgingly added, “but the evidence was stacked against you, son.”

Sam tried resisting again, but there was no help. The two men led him from the station, and all he could do was cry and stare hatefully back at those who had betrayed him.

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