Title: California Dreamin', chapter two
Author: Van Donovan & Randominity
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Alan/Nathan
Word count: 2,597
Warnings: Real person slash
Summary: Nathan comes home after four months and Alan is there to greet him.
Notes: Continuation piece, chapter one [here. This chapter was half written by me, half by Randominity. There will be a part three, and maybe more. This never happened, I make no claims to Alan or Nathan's sexuality. I own nothing!


It was a brazen thing to do in a barbershop full of witnesses, but as soon as Nathan was freed of the barber’s chair, Alan’s hand shot out to rub the prickly fuzz at the nap of Nathan’s neck. It tickled his palm gently, and it was all he could do not to continue stroking it.

Nathan shivered and ducked away, fishing his wallet out to pay for the trim. He gave Alan a devilish grin as he did. “Guess that means you like it?”

Alan thrust his hands into his pockets. “It’s short.” He looked Nathan over, carefully. “Shorter than I’m used to. But I like it.”

With the bill paid, Nathan pulled his coat up off the chair he’d laid it on and draped it over his arms as he started out the door. “Too long, too short. You’re never satisfied,” he teased, holding the door open for Alan.

“Oh, I’m satisfied all right,” Alan cheerfully replied. “You’ll see just how much, when we get back to your place.”

Nathan grinned excitedly, quickening his pace across the parking lot.

Nathan drove them home and within minutes had pulled into his garage, and parked the car. He was about to unbuckle and exit when Alan’s left hand found the back of his skull again, stroking tenderly over the close-cropped hair. Nathan grinned lazily over at him. “You just can’t keep your hands off me, can you?” he drawled.

Alan smiled wickedly. He pinched one of Nathan’s ears between his thumb and forefinger and brought him in for a heated welcome home kiss in the privacy of Nathan’s garage. It was hot and intense, full of four months of pent up desire. Nathan had to pull back before he started in on Alan further. He wanted Alan, but not in the front seat of his car. “Inside,” he throatily growled.

Nathan popped out of his car, going around back, to the trunk, for his luggage. Alan met him there, looking ready to shove him into the car to have right there. The only reason he didn’t was because the rest of the neighborhood was easily in view from Nathan’s opened garage door.

“We could get the luggage later,” Alan suggested.

“Why are you in such a hurry, Al? I’m not going anywhere.”

Alan anxiously shifted from foot to foot, then helped Nathan hoist the luggage out of the trunk, and rolled it toward the adjoining door. “Guess I’m just a bit eager. It has been four months, you know.”

Nathan closed the garage door and leaned in to kiss Alan once more. “Figure I waited four months, I can wait another four minutes until we’re not risking our careers and police records for indecent exposure.”

The door slammed shut behind them and as it did, Alan pushed the luggage out of Nathan’s hands and grabbed at him again. There wasn’t as much resistance this time, either, despite what Nathan had just said. In the privacy of his own home, Nathan seemed confident and eager to get things moving.

Their lips locked in a heated frenzy. Nathan immediately set about pushing Alan’s leather coat off his shoulders as they kissed. It fell to the ground in a heap, right beside the abandoned luggage and his own coat. They shifted, both fighting for dominance. Nathan won out, knocking Alan into a bureau in the hall. A series of framed pictures atop it fell off, clattering to the carpet. Nathan laughed at the noise it made.

Alan took that moment of distraction to usurp the power. He twisted in Nathan’s grip, spinning them around. When he slammed Nathan into the bureau again, it was with such force that the lamp atop bounced right off. Neither of them paid it any mind.

Nathan hurriedly pulled Alan’s shirt off, not bothering to fuss with buttons. He tugged it over Alan’s head, tossing it aside. His mouth immediately dove and found the curve of Alan’s neck, lathering it with kisses. They shuffled away from the bureau, trying unsuccessfully to navigate to the stairs.

Alan’s fingers nimbly began working at the front of Nathan’s shirt. Nathan took to helping, shrugging it over his shoulders as Alan reached the last of the buttons. There was a thud as the back of Nathan’s head hit the wall opposite the stairwell.

“Shower,” Nathan said breathlessly, his head turning so that now Alan could get easy access to his neck, his jaw, and the curve of his shoulder.

“Right,” Alan said, pulling back. He loosened Nathan’s belt, tugging it open easily. “That’s what started all this.” Passing a quick hand over his own mussed hair, he took hold of Nathan’s belt buckle and pulled away, tugging it to him as he walked past Nathan, up the stairs. He felt it slip free of Nathan’s pants two steps up, and grinned as he heard the sigh Nathan let out before following him.

They made it to Nathan’s bedroom door before they stopped again. Alan’s hands quickly flew to Nathan’s pants, finishing the job they’d started. He unbuttoned and unzipped him with ease and got Nathan’s pants around his ankles in a matter of seconds. His hand then reached down to cup Nathan through his boxers. “Hey,” he crooned.

Nathan’s mouth opened in a gasp, but no sound issued forth. He just pressed forward, into Alan, sandwiching the blond between himself and the doorframe. “Need you,” he growled huskily. His hands groped at Alan’s belt, tugging it free as fast as he could.

“Bathroom,” Alan reminded him. He reluctantly let go of Nathan, placing his hands on his chest instead, gently pushing him back.

Nathan took a deep breath for control, and followed Alan’s lead. “Next time we fuck in the foyer,” he groaned, kicking off his shoes along with the rest of his clothes. He pushed the bathroom door open, flipping on a light.

Alan undressed too, leaving a trail of clothing leading from the bedroom to the master bathroom. He followed Nathan in, walking unsteadily. “Not like I suggested that or anything,” he taunted before pushing the sliding glass shower door open.

“Need to shower, though,” Nathan replied slowly. His shoulders twitched. “All these little hairs are driving me nuts. Foyer fucking, and no haircuts, next time.”

Alan stood in front of the shower in all his glory, his hip slightly cocked. “Think I can get on board with that plan.” He leaned forward then, running a hand across Nathan’s freshly shorn hair, delighting in the sensation it gave him. His cock twitched eagerly and he had to resist forcing Nathan down to his knees right there. “Though it definitely adds another dimension to this whole thing.”

Nathan’s eyes had drifted down to looking at Alan’s erection. “Can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing,” he muttered. His eyes rose to the shower, behind Alan, and he blinked, clearing his head.

Nathan reached past him for the faucet, and Alan turned, dusting his hand across the back of Nathan’s shoulders. “This isn’t helping, I take it,” he guessed, stepping around Nathan to get next to the tub, then grinning when Nathan squirmed and groped backwards blindly for Alan’s hands.

“Stop—” He slapped Alan’s fingers away, playfully. “Stop it, and get in.”

“Already ahead of you,” Alan told him, climbing inside. When Nathan turned the shower on, Alan took a quick step back to avoid being hit in the face with the stream of water. He grinned broadly when Nathan joined him a moment later.

Spreading his hands out against Nathan’s chest, Alan backed him up so that Nathan took the bulk of the spray. Water beaded down onto Nathan’s hair, separating the short cut into spikes that refused to lie flat against his head.

Nathan blinked wantonly down at Alan, water flecking off of his eyelashes. All the little hairs that had been tickling his collar and shoulders washed away, and he felt a great deal of relief come over him.

“Better?” Alan prompted, raising his eyebrows.


“Good.” Alan wasted no time, sliding his hands up and over Nathan’s shoulders, stepping in closer, feeling his own hair wilting under the spray. He tilted his head and nipped at Nathan’s upper lip, sucking it lightly before opening his mouth into a kiss. As it initiated, he forced Nathan back further still, the water cascading down over his own head. Nathan’s back hit the cold tile wall, and they cleared the shower spray entirely, still hungrily kissing.

Nathan cupped Alan’s face in his hands and spun them sharply around, taking the brunt of the spray. He pressed Alan into the tile, stepping in so close that Alan could feel his body heat. He groaned as another step closer caused their cocks to brush up against one another.

At Nathan’s first insistent tug on Alan’s shoulder, Alan acquiesced, turning about and bracing himself against the wall. “Should’ve guessed,” he panted, bowing his head so the water ran off him in rivulets. He closed his eyes and sucked in his breath as Nathan’s fingers lovingly went to work. They traced the muscles along his back, working down to the curve of his ass.

It was exploratory only in politeness, and Nathan soon massaged his fingers inside Alan. It was a skill Nathan was good at, and four months away hadn’t dulled his talents any. With the shower running, it didn’t take long to prepare. Alan sighed when Nathan’s fingers withdrew. He lined himself up seconds later, pushing slowly inside. Alan wanted to say something, but instead just clung to the faucet handles and concentrated on feeling Nathan’s nearness.

For a time, they were silent save for the labored gasping that soon rose over the sound of the water as Nathan’s thrusts rapidly increased in urgency. He forcefully pinned Alan to the wall, gripping at Alan’s hips, needful. Nathan shifted, adjusting to a better angle, and Alan felt Nathan’s lips against his back, then his teeth gently sank into the soft muscle of his shoulder. “I've missed this,” Nathan roughly murmured as he worked, turning his face to rest his cheek on Alan’s shoulder.

Alan smiled slightly, arching his back into the thrusts. He reached down to stroke himself, keeping his eyes focused on his cock in his hand. Nathan let out a low, deep moan, increasing his speed.

He tensed, pulling Alan closer to him. His muscles tightened, and he wrapped an arm around Alan’s chest, desperate for closer contact as he felt his orgasm approach. Nathan thrust into him desperately, groaning low in his throat, and finally came with a sharp rush of air. His body worked in Alan several moments longer, before slowing to a halt. He slipped out and slumped against Alan's back, forcing them up against the wall once more, for support.

Alan stroked himself with a bit more urgency. Nathan’s fingers curled through his chest hair slowly, and then circled downward. His fingers quickly joined Alan’s, assisting in the ministrations. His other hand held Alan firmly in place with a secure arm around his hips. His hand eventually replaced Alan’s hand entirely, working long and slow, letting his thumb press and rub up along the underside of Alan’s cock. Nathan’s mouth kissed at the nearest exposed bit of Alan’s skin and, after a few more pulls, Alan came with his face pressed to the slick wall, gasping as he rode it out.

Nathan worked him dry, pressing his forehead into the dip between Alan’s shoulder blades. They stood like that for several moments longer, catching their breaths and regaining their senses. Alan reached out and shut off the water and Nathan, at last, released him.

“Shit,” Alan gasped as the roaring of the water died away.

“Please don’t,” Nathan teased. He traced his hand up the curve of Alan’s hip and along to the small dip in his back. The skin was tender-white, and soft. If he hadn’t felt like his legs were going to give out beneath him, he would have bent to possessively claim the flesh with his mouth.

“I need a bed,” Alan announced. “And maybe a nap.” He twisted in Nathan’s arms and silenced anything Nathan might have had to say in protest with another kiss. This one was slower, more savoring.

Nathan rocked back onto his heels as much of the weight previously supported by the wall was transferred to him. His hands took a more conventional position at the pinnacle of Alan’s ass, holding him in place while they kissed. “Bed,” he agreed when they broke apart. One of his hands rose, pushing the sliding glass door open.

It was a tribute to their stature that they managed to grab towels to dry off with before they collapsed onto Nathan’s large king sized bed in the adjoining room. Their towels ended up in wet heaps on the floor as they sprawled out on the bed. Nathan stared dreamily up at the ceiling.

Alan closed his eyes, still breathing heavily. “That went fast,” he panted.

Nathan closed his eyes, letting his lips curve into a smirk. “Hope you don’t have to go anywhere tonight,” he said, turning his head to face Alan, though he kept his eyes shut. “I’m thinking we’re just getting started.”

Alan propped himself up on his elbows. “I knew you were coming home today. Do you really think I planned for anything else?”

Nathan’s smile broadened and he rolled onto his side, letting one of his hands blindly grope until it found Alan’s hip. “Next time, I’m taking you with me to Vancouver.”

Alan chuckled and lifted a hand so he could reach out and brush through Nathan’s hair. The little wet spikes that had formed while in the shower separated into smaller ones, and Alan ghosted his palm across them. “Well, someone’s gotta be around to convince you to cut your hair.”

Nathan grinned languidly, then lifted his chin, turning his face up until he could kiss the palm of Alan’s hand. “You’re too good to me.”

“That I am,” Alan agreed. He cupped Nathan’s cheek a moment, then let his palm trace down the back of his neck, tickling over the short hairs there, most of which had already dried.

“We should order pizza,” Nathan announced, opening his eyes. “I’m starved.”

“Mmm,” Alan agreed. “Very romantic. We’ve also got beer. In the fridge.”

“So you said earlier,” Nathan agreed. “You really are too good to me.”

“Call the pizza guy up,” Alan said, sitting up. He bent to plant a kiss on Nathan’s brow. “I’ve got to piss.”

“Thanks for sharing,” Nathan called as Alan disappeared into the bathroom. He rolled over and picked up the phone on his nightstand. Alan came out of the bathroom after he finished placing the call. Nathan hung up the phone and studied the blond as he surveyed the room.

“I don’t believe this,” Alan chided. “You’ve been home less than thirty minutes and the house is already a wreck.” He gestured to the wet towels, discarded clothes and rumbled bed sheets.

Nathan laughed, rolling his eyes. “Come back to bed, Al.” He waved him over with a welcoming gesture.

Alan obeyed but pouted as he sank back into the bed. “I kept this place immaculate for four months. It took you more time to get me off than it did to dirty the place up again.”

Nathan’s eyes were half lidded as he looked up at Alan. He reached out with his hand and patted his shoulder, then his cheek, affectionately. “Alan?”


“Shut up.”

.. to be continued

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