Title: A Time and a Place
Date Posted: 5 February 2008
Author: Van Donovan
Rating: R
Characters: Avon, Jenna, Blake
Pairing: Avon/Jenna, Blake
Word count: 728
Warnings: Early S1

“This is hardly the place,” Jenna said, breaking the kiss.

“And you are hardly pulling away,” Avon agreed. He stepped in closer to her personal space, so she couldn’t get up from her station even if she wanted to. One knee nudged itself between her legs, resting against the curved edge of her chair. He kept his left hand on her throat, but ran his right gently through her hair.

Large, inquiring eyes searched Avon’s as Jenna seemed to struggle against her desires. “You can be a bit aggressive,” she conceded.

To punctuate her remark, Avon shoved her back into her chair harder, pinning her there with a rough kiss that left her panting. When he pulled back, it was to bite at the soft flesh beneath her earlobe. “This ship could be ours, Jenna,” he said. “It should have been ours: yours and mine, to do whatever we like on it, whenever we wanted.” His hand in her hair dropped, dancing over the scalloped silk edges of her blouse before ghosting lower, over the soft curve of breast. “All that money could be ours, Jenna,” he hissed in her ear. “We could be untouchable together. Unstoppable.”

Despite her better instincts, he could tell Jenna was wavering. “Wouldn’t be as much fun if it were allowed,” she whispered, her heaving chest pressing up into his hand. Avon wasted no time in using that to his advantage, but though Jenna gasped, she did not fall silent. “Besides, you couldn’t keep me more than a week. We’re too alike.”

That surprised him. Putting a hand on her suede covered thigh he pushed up, nudging her pretty pastel shirt to her navel before delving inside. “Explain,” he said, before dropping his mouth to bite around his fingers, which still held the slender column of her neck.

Sucking in air, Jenna said, “Well, we both like money. And we’ve got the same taste in shoes.”

Avon allowed himself to smile against her throat. “I think we can find a compromise.” His hand found and nudged under her brassiere. Brushing his thumb across Jenna’s nipple made her hiss in delight and Avon countered with, “Anyway, I am clearly the only one with any talent for styling hair.”

She laughed at the comment, and when she did, Avon kissed her again, his hand on her throat tightening. She writhed beneath him. One hand rolled her nipple between his fingers while the other pressed a thumb into the hollow of her throat. Her hips rocked forward, pressing wantonly against his knee, and though she could barely breathe, she returned his kiss tremendously.

It was only Blake clearing his throat that made Jenna spring apart from him, otherwise it might have gone all the way; it had in the past.

“Blake!” Jenna cried, flustered.

Avon held his position, just turning his head enough to glare at Blake for the interruption, as if they were not in the middle of the flight deck. He said nothing, but his eyes glared, Do you mind?

“Interrupting something, am I?” Blake blithely asked.

“Although it had occurred to me,” Avon replied, extracting his hand, “I did not really believe that you were that ignorant.”

The carefree look on Blake’s face faded. “There is a time and a place, Avon. On my flight deck during Jenna’s watch is neither.”

Pulling back, Avon focused on Jenna, breaking into a knowing smile. This was playing almost exactly into his hands. He knew precisely what was going through Jenna’s head. “Did you see a listing of rules?” he asked. “The Dos and Don’ts of Blake’s Ship?”

Jenna was fixing her hair, intently not looking at Avon. “It won’t happen again, Blake.”

Glaring between the two of them, Blake said, “See that it doesn’t. I’ll give you two a moment to get control of yourselves.” He turned and exited.

“That was stupid, Avon,” Jenna hissed, reaching under her shirt to fix her bra.

Avon’s eyes were on the stairs Blake had just ascended. It was a shame, really, to have to end it with Jenna like that; she was quite good. Still, he had got what he had wanted all along; staked his claim on Blake’s biggest supporter, and effectively won. Nothing else mattered. “No,” he said, turning to look at her. “It was brilliant.”

He stalked off smiling, leaving her speechless with dawning comprehension.

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